For its London Dry Series, GauGin chose to partner up with Braeckman Distillery which has been in family hands for over a 100 years. With a culture of tradition and quality, the artisanal approach is key. 

We developed the GauGin Classic for 23 months, and another 12 months for the GauGin Beach and the GauGin Mountain. The result is beyond doubt. Many connoisseurs speak in superlatives about these creations, which unites the traditional and the Mediterranean aspect in a 3-bottle range of particularly high quality London Dry Gin.

Our master distiller Filip fills the heavy, copper Jacob Carl alambic with a mixture of pure, high-quality grain alcohol and water from the own borehole that pumps it out of an artesian layer. He fills the herb basket with the typical and complex GauGin herbs and leaves it to macerate in the alcohol for 24 hours. The fruit (orange and lemon), also typical for GauGin, macerates for weeks.

After the maceration period, the herbs and fruit have released their essential oils and aromatic components and distillation is started.

This distillation takes place very slowly and with no hurry so that the subtle aromas can enrich the alcohol vapors optimally. Relying on tradition and special knowledge, it separates the middle course or the heart from the before- and after course.

After a long resting period, nothing but the purest spring water is added to the full aromatic and soft middle course.

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